Dress Shields: Armpit Pads for Excessive Sweating or Sweating Armpits. Sweatproof Undershirts that Block Sweat.
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Dress Shields
Sweat Proof  &
Sweat Resistant

sweatproof dress shields layers .25cm thick

sweat resistant dress shields layers .30cm thick

maximum sweatproof dress shields layers .37cm thick


Unisex Dress Shields with Shoulder Straps

Dress Shields with Elastic Shoulder Straps.

Maximum sweat resistant dress shields for men and women who may suffer from hyperhidrosis, or just want to protect their clothes from sweat, odor, deodorant, and antiperspirants stains.




Benefits of Sweat Proof Undershirts and Armpit Pads:

  • The natural way to block sweat, stains, and odor from getting on outer clothing.
  • Allows the body to breathe and cool down.
  • Concealed under outer clothing
  • Prolong the life of your favorite shirt and blouse without ruining it
  • Saves time and money on dry-cleaning
  • Builds self-esteem and confidence
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing you are protected from excessive sweat that causes embarrassing situations.

It’s the healthiest solution for blocking sweat.



Undershirt with sweat proof dress shields sweatproof-scoop-crop-top-undershirt Dress Shields / Armpit Pads with Adjustable Shoulder Straps
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