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Foods That Can Cause Excessive Sweating


Foods That Can Cause Excessive Sweating

Sweating while you eat is known as gustatory sweating. Gustatory sweating is not the same as excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis. Foods that cause sweating speed up many of the body’s functions which can increase the body’s temperature and, in turn, cause sweating. Eliminating sweat producing foods from your diet is the principle way to reduce or put an end to gustatory sweating.

The following are some foods that may cause gustatory sweating:

•    Spicy food is the number one trigger for gustatory sweating. Peppers contain capsaicin that stimulates nerve endings in skin and mucus membranes. Even though the body temperature doesn’t rise, the body feels hot and triggers sweating to flush out the capsaicin. Spicy food also increases the body’s metabolism which causes the bodies temperature to rise and then to sweat to cool the body down.
•    Caffeine can also trigger gustatory sweating. Caffeine is a stimulant and can raise heart rate, breathing becomes faster, and the nervous system is stimulated. Caffeine is found in coffee, soda, tea, energy drinks and chocolate. Caffeine can also trigger anxiety which can lead to sweating.
•    Sugary foods raise the body temperature and, in turn, stimulate sweating.
•    Hot foods such as soup raise the body’s temperature which will cause sweating as the body cools itself down.
•    Monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG, is a food additive that enhances the flavor of food. The side effects of MSG are headaches, flushing, shortness of breath, nausea and sweating.
•    Alcohol is another big stimulator of sweating. Alcohol dehydrates the body. The alcohol pulls moisture out of the body by sweating.
•    Food that the body has an intolerance to can cause sweating. The most common food intolerances include dairy products, eggs, shellfish and fish, eggs, gluten, wheat, eggs, nuts, soy, chocolate and yeast.

If you sweat after eating or drinking keep a diary of all the food and drinks you consume and how it affects your body. If certain food or drinks cause sweating eliminate them from your diet.


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