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Prevent Yellow Underarm Stains in Your Undershirt

crewneckundershirt.jpgAre you tired of buying white undershirts in a 10 pack just to toss them out because of yellow underarm staining? Even inexpensive undershirts can add up. Sweat stains are embarrassing and can be a challenge to remove. The following tips will help prevent yellow underarm stains from your undershirts.

The first thing you need to know to prevent yellow underarm staining is the cause. Yellow underarm staining occurs when Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex in your antiperspirant mixes with perspiration. To avoid yellow armpit staining look for antiperspirants that do not contain Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex.

Try using Speed Stick® Stainguard antiperspirant, it is designed to help fight yellow stains and residue on shirts, while providing the same all-day odor and wetness protection expected from Speed Stick® products. Speed Stick® Stainguard antiperspirant helps fight yellow staining on your clothes (1) by staying on your skin, (2) by containing low stain-causing ingredients and (3) by using Stain Defense Technology designed to slow down the process of yellow staining.


For added protection against yellow sweat stains wear an Advadri undershirt with sweat pads. Advadri armpit sweat pads have patent-pending DriRx™ Technology to ensure that sweat will not pass thru the barrier onto undershirts and outer apparel.

Bleach will turn your undershirts yellow or dingy looking after a few washes so always say no to bleach. Instead use, a color-safe bleach, borax or baking soda instead. It’s always a good idea to follow the manufactures washing instruction found on the label.

Undershirts do not stay white forever. When they begin to look dingy or have underarm staining throw them out or put them in the rag bag.

Written by: Lillian Marie