Travel Tips and the Essentials for Traveling
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Travel Tips and the Essentials

Travel Tips and the Essentials


Clothing for Traveling: Sweat-Proof Undershirts and Armpit Pads.

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Advadri Undershirt Advadri Vee Crop Top Sweat-Proof QuickShield
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 Disposable Armpit Pads  Disposable Underwear
 Disposable Collar Protectors

When traveling people generally over pack or under pack. With so many must haves for travel, it is easy to over pack. On the other hand, if you pack light you run the risk of not having all the essentials. The following tips will help you to pack what you really need.

  1. Make a list. A list is invaluable when it comes to packing for travel. Divide your list into categories; clothes, shoes, toiletries, paperwork/documents, and electronics
  2. Frequent travelers have a toiletry bag packed at all times and ready to go. In the toiletry bag have as many travel size items as possible. Personal toiletries are subject to ever-changing airline security rules, so check in advance of your trip how many liquids you can pack in a carry-on bag. For under $20.00 you can purchase a TSA approved toiletry kit. To purchase a premade kit go to the website of TW-Ease Travel Toiletry Kits.
  3. Lay out all your clothes and shoes and then put one half to one third of it back in your closet. Most people pack far too many clothes and shoes. Limit your clothes to no more than two outfits a day. Pack neutral colored clothes as they are easier to mix and match.
  4. Research the weather of your destination and pack accordingly.
  5. To protect your clothes from odor and staining wear ADVADRI sweat shields or an ADVADRI undershirt with sweat shields. When wearing ADVADRI products you can wear your clothes multiple times.
  6. To save room in your suitcase, if possible, wear your bulkiest clothes and shoes when traveling.
  7. Prescription medications should go in your carry-on bag, along with a doctor's note or packed in the labeled pharmacy bottles with your name on them. Save yourself a hassle at security checkpoints and never carry unmarked pharmaceuticals in a bag.
  8. You will need a passport for all international travel from the United States. Wear a zippered money belt that can be worn under your clothes or around your neck to keep passports, cash, or travelers checks safe.
  9. All valuables and electronics should be in your carry-on bag.
  10. It is a good idea to pack at least one outfit in the luggage of your traveling companion and vise verse. That way if your luggage is lost you have one clean change of clothes.
  11. When you have everything from your list packed then you can start adding your extras.

By making a list and following a few of these travel tips, you too will be a pro at not over packing while having all your essentials and maybe a few extras.

Written by: Lillian Marie


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